Facials and Face Treatments, Renata Nowak Creed Offers:

All facial cosmetics and components used in treatments are:

• Contain "NO" Harsh synthetic preservatives
• Contain "NO" Sodium, ammonium Laureth Sulfate
• Contain "NO" Parabens
• Contain "NO" PEG- preservatives
• Contain "NO" Formaldehyde
• Contain "NO" Drying-skin alcohol
• Contain "NO" Animal Testing
• Hypoallergenic
• Non-irritating
• Sensitivity tested
• Non-comedogenic
• Non-acnegenic

We use only the highest quality natural and organic components and cosmetics during facial treatments.


Rejuvenating- Lightening Skin Facial ..$95 (1 hour)
A quick and easy way to completely rejuvenate your skin in one hour.
The treatment starts with Microdermabrasion followed by a natural peel and then a collagen-boost serum. This particular treatment removes layers of dead skin, will exfoliate and then boost collagen production with high concentration vitamin serum. Your skin will look absolutely fresh and lighter after the treatment.

Acne/Breakouts Facial Treatment $105 (1 hour)
The secret to beautiful skin is to keep all treatments and cosmetics as natural as possible!!!
All cosmetics and treatments in this facial are 100% Natural and gentle for your skin. Acne-problematic skin is super sensitive and will get very irritated and overly dry with harsh cosmetics, chemicals, and preservatives. And that will lead to an excess of oil production and to acne breakouts. The cycle will repeat every few weeks. That's why it is extremely important to use all natural or organic components in your treatments. Renata Nowak-Creed Treatment focuses on gentle deep skin cleansing. Cleaning out pores removes black and white heads. Different European cleansing techniques and extractions are used in this treatment. Removing excess oil gently calms the skin and hastens the healing process.

Restoring Mini Facial- 30 min..$60
A great "jump start" for your skin in your very busy week. It will make you look great and fresh even in the busiest of days. Pure natural deep facial cleansing followed by mini Anti-wrinkle facial massage and deep hydrating masque. "Good things come in small packages!!!" Sweet, short and wonderful

Deep Hydrating and Vitamin Skin "Wakening" Treatment ..$95 (1 hour)
A great treatment for renewing and awakening your skin in one hour. Intensive Vitamin Treatment will be customized for individual skin needs. Starts with gentle exfoliation and then Anti-wrinkle French Facial Massage that will relax your face muscles and prepare your skin for Intensive Vitamin Treatment ~ customized for your individual needs- Vitamins A, E, D or C (in both: water- and oil-soluble forms).
Your skin will love this treatment!!! Every day our skin changes from hormones, weather, the amount of water we drink, the kinds of food we eat and the vitamins and minerals that are missing in our diet. That's why it's important to treat your skin according to the always changing daily conditions and customize the treatment for each person. Watch how your skin will change with this wonderful treatment!!! 

Super Sensitive and Dry Skin Treatment.$95 (1 hour)
An absolutely great treatment for very sensitive, dry or reddish skin. Extremely gentle treatment for extremely sensitive skin!!! Treatment starts with gentle milky cleansing and then followed by gentle enzyme-plant exfoliation. Renata Nowak-Creed will create a special treatment that contains oxidized vitamin K treatment that will allow your skin to feel instantly better and relieved after one hour facial. After wonderful, organic masque full of vitamins E, D and K, your skin will be treated with vitamin K serum that will sooth and calm your sensitive skin. Your skin will feel wonderful after this special and customized treatment!!!

Revolutionary Mature Skin Treatment.$125
Fantastic, high-tech procedure that will "jump start" your skin. Great for 40+.
It starts with deep cleansing and a natural peel, and followed with anti-wrinkle French Facial massage. Masque with Vitamin C (both water- and oil-soluble form) that has 4 times better absorption to skin than only water-soluble form. After the masque is removed, the second Collagen Masque is applied to protect your skin from the environment: pollution, heat, dehydration. Your skin will feel absolutely wonderful and glowing after this procedure. You will love the results and your new glow!!!

Absolute Wrinkles and Line Fight Facial Treatment..$125
Great Treatment for those who are really concerned about wrinkles and fine lines. The facial starts with deep cleansing, followed by Microdermabrasion, and then long French Anti-wrinkle Face Massage. Tightening Hydrating Masque will bring out smoothness and glow to your skin. This great Anti-aging and Anti-wrinkle treatment is absolutely the best way you can treat your skin. It will relax your face muscles, reduce fine lines, and diminish the appearance of deep wrinkles. Facial massage will detoxify your skin from toxins and harsh chemicals that are stored in the skin. It also will prepare your skin to absorb more vitamins and minerals from Tightening Hydrating Masque. Enjoy your results!!!

Oxygen Collagen Boosting Facial $95 (1 hour)
Television actors, movie stars, singers and other famous celebrities all worry about how smooth and young their skin appears on your television screen. For this reason, many well-known personalities such as Madonna have turned to oxygen facials. She admits that she owns 3 Oxygen facial machines of her own!!! Oxygen treatment is designed to plump and smooth the skin immediately with no telltale red splotches left behind. This treatment is ideal for those concerned about wrinkles and fine lines. The facial starts with a deep cleansing, followed by Microdermabrasion or light 100% Natural Plant Peel, and then finally a French Anti-Wrinkle Face Massage. The facial massage utilizes a Tightening Hydrating Masque that brings out the natural smoothness and glow of your skin. After the masque a Vitamin C or Vitamin K serum (depending on an individual's skin condition) is applied and then your skin is treated with 95% pure medical grade OXYGEN. This great anti-aging, anti-wrinkle treatment is the absolute best way to treat your skin. It relaxes your face muscles, reduces fine lines, and diminishes the appearance of deep wrinkles. Infusing oxygen is not only a great way to plump the skin, but it also quickly boosts collagen and elastin. Oxygen infusion treatments shoot compressed oxygen into the skin, forcing vitamins to penetrate deeper while boosting collagen. There are absolutely NO SIDE EFECTS so you can truly enjoy the results!!!

Non-Surgical Face Muscle Tightening, Natural Facial Toning $95
This revolutionary procedure works on every muscle of the face. Professional Anti-aging System works like a form of passive exercise on muscle. This Nano-Current Technology will tighten your muscles with every treatment.

Six easy steps to re-energize facial muscles and skin:

1. Relaxing facial Muscles
2. Toning around the Eyes
3. Firming and Lifting
4. Neck Lifting
5. Deeper product penetration
6. Cooling

You will see results after your first visit. To stabilize and keep your results for a long time, we suggest getting 6 treatments about 2-3 weeks a part. Toning Muscles Treatment is very comfortable for patients. Also during the procedure your skin will be treated with highly hydrating organic Tightening Vitamin Serum.
This treatment is great for everybody who wants to look younger but also for young people who are not showing the signs of aging yet but who want to prevent sagging muscles in the future. Enjoy your fast results!!!


Microdermabrasion Enhancement

Microdermabrasion Face 0.5 Hour $70
Microdermabrasion Face, Neck, décolleté 1 Hour $140
Microdermabrasion Hands 2-3 Passes $85
Microdermabrasion Elbows 4-5 Passes $50
Microdermabrasion Knees 4-5 Passes $85

Renata Nowak- Creed uses professional, certified "Diamond" type of Microdermabrasion technology, that is much more advanced and safer for the skin than the "Crystal" type. In our treatments we use only MEDICAL GRADE DIAMOND attachments. Microdermabrasion is an excellent procedure that will quickly remove layers of dead skin, without pain or side effects. Results: resurfacing and deep exfoliating. Your skin will look much brighter, shinier and healthier instantly. Microdermabrasion is a very effective treatment for reducing fine lines, wrinkles and extra keratinization. One-hour procedure can help you reduce or sometimes also remove pigment changes, sunspots and extra keratinization leaving your skin much lighter and cleaner with each pass. This procedure also will prepare skin for much deeper penetration of product (masque or serum) that will be used after Microdermabrasion.


natural enzyme peels- great for sensitive skin $50
light peels 10%- derived from plant $60
medium peels ~30%- derived from plants $80

** The price will vary from the above for body parts other than the face. Call for information.

You will love the difference and the quick, visible improvement!!! All enzymes, light and medium peels Renata Nowak-Creed is using are natural and are derived from natural sources- plants or fruits.
Peels have a wonderful rejuvenating impact on our skin, by removing layers of dead skin. Peels provide faster and better penetration to the deeper layers of the skin for vitamins and minerals from masque or serums. Peels increase cell turnover, healthy cell growth and collagen production. Peels also clear the skin of blemishes and decrease acne causing bacteria. Peels used properly will also increase skin moisture and will smooth, purify and visible soften the skin. Some peels are safe and bring a great benefit all year long, but some should be used only certain times of the year. Before you will plan medium or stronger peels, please make sure you consult and book a pre-appointment visit to make sure you qualify for one. Peels that are done in an unprofessional manner and at the wrong time of the year could bring non-reversible damage to the skin.

Electro coagulation $80 minimum charge, $220 per hour
This is a non-invasive method using electrolysis current to remove certain types of skin conditions like skin tags and spider veins. Very effective and quick procedure to remove:

• Skin Tags
• Warts
• Cherry Angiomas
• Moles
• Red Blotches
• Petichiae
• Keratosis
• Spider Veins
• Broken Capillaries